from my wife’s diary…

I always dreamed of making a living doing something I love… in hindsight my passion of hot sunny days, the beach, having fun, a huge interest in fashion and a love of dabbling with customising clothing and trying new creative things on my sewing machine was always eventually going to bring me to the launch of “topstorestarbag”.


The idea was born in the Summer of 2018, following a few years without a relaxing holiday abroad and working hard in my sales job a break away was well overdue! So finally my partner & I decided to book flights to visit a friend in the Baleric Islands – the only problem was the holiday was less than 2 weeks away & I had nothing in the way of Summer clothing! My shopping expedition started well, picking up soom cool and adaptable pieces; kaftans, shorts, pretty dresses, but finding bikinis was another matter …. I just couldn’t find anything in the shops that transformed me into the beach goddess that in my mind I pictured I was going to be!! (or anywhere close to that vision!!). By the end of the day I was racing around the shops like a crazed lunatic and left with a couple of bikinis, but nothing I completely loved.


In my eyes, the most important thing in any suitcase has to be the swimwear!! It matters… afterall